First time again

So Saturday started like any other day, except that this Saturday was

YRDG Nerds v Jocks

photo by Steve Beard

Yellow Rose Derby Girls first Friends and Family bout. I forgot the headache it is being in charge of making sure you have all the officials accounted for. Backup officials in case anyone can’t make it. Relaying info with bout production. Basically spending the morning texting, Facebook messaging, calling (on the phone–weird right?), emailing and relaying messages.

Whew I need a drink, all because I raised my hand volunteering myself to run for head ref for yellow rose derby girls. Don’t get it twisted, this isn’t a complaint. It’s just a reflection on how great it is to have made so many friends in a few years that strangers are willing to travel across town (in some cases stay longer while out-of-town) and work with others for free based on the word of a friend.

I am proud to be counted among the friends of the many NSOs I know, have worked with and am more than happy to work with again. Even if I’m only considered someone they tolerate more than someone else.


Just a Color and a Number

I should’ve said I’d do one post a week instead of two a week. But here goes nothing.

Tall, short, fat, skinny, fast, slow, gay, straight, fresh meat or Suzy Hotrod on track during a bout you’re just a color and a number.

Believe me, I’m “not a beautiful or unique snowflake.” I’m just a guy who ref’s roller derby, on occasion wears a sexy pink shirt, and from time to time, Rock the Mic. Eenie Meanie sums it up fairly well, kill your heroes. You see, you can get better by trying to emulate someone who can DO something better than you. This does NOT mean that they ARE better than you. They’ve just practiced longer and with more effort and possibly some other variables.

Suzy Hotrod for instance, was just an occasional skater at birthday parties when she was 12. But it won’t stop me from enforcing a rule. Now she rarely draws a penalty. At RollerCon 12 however, a lot of people must have failed to mention to her that skating in the hallways can get your skater pass revoked (by the Riviera Hotel and Casino) and no one associated with RC could get that skater pass back. You can only wear skates on a track. I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that everyone who spoke with her, as far as checking in was just in awe of her, handed Suzy her registration stuff and skate sticker and sent her on her way.

Now on her way to her first class I saw her skating to the classroom area, in the hallway, in front of a few hundred people. That particular day I was not officiating but had volunteered to be a Dick (sah-cure-it-tee). I stopped Suzy, put my shoe on her toe guard and asked her to take a knee and take her skates off.  She calmly stated that she was just going to the classrooms to teach. I told her I understand, but I don’t want you to loose your skater pass. She had a sort of puzzled look so I explained the rule as given to refs in every morning officials meeting. she smiled politely thanks me took a knee and scooted towards the door. Ophelia Mellons

and another Dick’s manager started yelling “THAT JUST HAPPENED!”




some of the crowd pissed themselves, others shit a brick and the rest didn’t give a damn. The point of this is just that I don’t care who you are, my job as an official is to ensure the safety of the skaters and enforce the rules, both WFTDA and of the venue (if any) And yes I knew precisely who she was, I took a picture with her at Star of Texas Bowl the weekend before, in the above mentioned sexy NSO shirt.

Busy road ahead

Confirmed to announce on Feb 24th in Humble, TX. My first encounter with Montgomery County MissFits. Actually, I got confirmation about a week ago. However, transitioning over to a new blog, plus general things that go along with Life. I fell behind

Then March 9th I’m announcing in Temple for Centex Rollergirls. I have yet to ref for them. Maybe I should mispronounce some skater names so they kick me off the mic next time? Actually I’m set to ref later this season.

Then the next day, March 10th I’m reffing in San Antonio for Alamo City’s double header! Perhaps just one bout, but even so, It’ll be a great start to my 2013 season. I hope to see some of y’all there!

Louisiana Saturday Night

so, Hard G & I thought we were running late due to unexpected traffic & rain.
originally set to jam time this bout, but derby isnt very militaristic, so people drop out on a whim or for personal reasons. This is why I always bring my ref gear, theres always a chance I can guest ref even if I’m just showing up as a fan.
in any case I ended up working the penalty box with Hard G as sin bin manager. Acadiana has some experience with slick polished concrete though it was Gulf Coasts home court.
I was surprised to see Mini-Me, but I had a few secs to chat w/ her and found out that shes getting some more experience so she can try out for Houston Roller Derby. Speaking of, heard that a skater is gonna be moving to lake charles at the end of the season and possibly training GCRG, that’ll be an ibteresting to watch next season.
as always afterparty with skaters refs n coaches get together talk derby, strategy & life.

Northside Fury @ Rocket City

so this bout I was planning on spectating. Had been out of town for nearly a month and not been in touch w/ my original home team, Northside Fury. Nor had I heard from Rocket City’s head ref as to what ref/NSO spots they may or may not need to fill.

But I showed up early anyway just to TS & catch up with skaters n officials. Sadly I only knew/recognized 3 Northside skaters (I need to visit them more often). Once hellos were outta the way I ended up on the NSO list for the penalty box, working with PB Queen Courtney Hate, not to b confused with PBJ ref/skater/trainer extraordinaire. Hard G took to teaching various NSO tasks prior to the bout and official wise it ran pretty smoothly.

Something else that’s noteworthy, at least from what I know, this was SK8-B8’s first bout as head ref. Which I’d say was ran pretty smoothly, aside from the nearly 3 min official timeout just before the end of the game. RCRG’s ref crew has come a long way from their early days in stripes.

The Rocket City roster was nearly full of Seasoned skaters. Either had played with RCRG for more than 3 bouts, or had played with other leagues. There were only about 4 skaters I hadn’t seen in a bout before.
Northside Furies, thats the plural of Fury as opposed to something else, had red waves o’pain, bashin brownie, ragin’ rican, bexter, flash, hello kidney & cyber bully. The rest of their roster (forgive me if I forgot anyone) were fresh meat. Northside genuinely surprised me, as the underdog I had pictured a bar being set and they exceeded it. With some finese practice and training I think they can get their new group of skaters up to the same level their league was at just a few short months ago.
All leagues have a little something I like about them so I can never say with certainty “THIS league is my favorite” but northside’s determination and dedication have a special place in my heart.


RollerCon 2012 redux

Holy crap
So now I’m in line at TSA for my flight to Mexico n just have to touch up on final thoughts on RollerCon. I didn’t take a class or watch a full bout or go to all the parties, I perused a few of the vendors but I still had a blast! How? If I didn’t do all the fun cool stuff? Well for one I was an official both on and off skates and got some kudos from other officials two fans a few skaters, one of them from team USA and they remembered me from another time we met.

AND I volunteered in a few departments got some swag and got to meet n get to know skaters n officials from leagues all over the world, Hi Susy Pow! All this plus peeking my head into some of the parties, chilling at the pool and walking the strip all makes for an ensured trip to Vegas next jul -31 aug 4. Did I mention? If you volunteer you can get a discount on the NEXT years ticket price up to getting a free pass!!!

Well time for a random selection pat down see y’all in week or so