heartbreak hotel

where do I begin?

CTRG Bout 6 flyer

Firstly thanks to Cen-Tex for finally being able to schedule me to ref, again. This was my first time reffing at the Frank Mayborn Civic Center, confused yet? last time I was scheduled I had car trouble en route. Then I was set to announce and I ended up having to work that weekend.

In any case, it had also been over a year since I’ve seen most of Alamo City Roller Girls. So when I finally geared up skated out and saw ACRG warming up and chatting with Pleasure to Beat you, my heart continued to break in half over and over hearing about LOAs, 9 month injuries and other league related details. I only recognized about 5 skaters. Whereas I had grown accustomed to showing up to the Rollercade in San Antonio and not recognizing one or two skaters.

So Snippy Snap, formerly a play on Eiffel tower and Evil (long story) is running around getting her ducks in a row. Something I admire about her in that she rolls with the punches to get the NSO paperwork in order. I had a sampling of NSO work, all positions at RollerCon last year, I appreciate all NSOs because all are stressful and important. more so the Head NSO, so I tip  my motorcycle helmet to you Kristi.

The Announcer who’s replaced me, Bad Dog I believe is his name, was really great. I feel like I might have to re-earn a chance to announce at Cen-Tex next season.

I must admit that although as a whole team zebra missed some calls, we can;t call it if we don’t see ALL of it, skaters didn’t lose their cool or argue calls they clearly didn’t agree with.

In all I’m glad for the opportunity to get to be on skates again, for two teams I admire and am treated like family.


Crazy Weeks

life has been rediculously crazy lately. Busy actually, crazy is just sort of the norm around here in what we like to do around the track. There’s been so much derby going on, rumors flying, accusations thrown, bouts, practices and thats all before I even log off of facebook and head to practice in my few hours of downtime a week.

A few weeks ago I was Head Ref for Twin CIty Knockers out in Schreveport Louisiana. I had fun and tried to keep the bout going as smoothly as I possibly could. No major injuries that I recall, and only the coaches kinda sorta yelling at me. I was also an Outside Pack Ref for Cen-La in Alexandria, crazy side street/feeders/frontage roads for those who don’t normally go to/through Alexandria.

Last week I was in Jacksonville Texas for East TX Bombers v Cen-La. Sadly The Doctah didn’t bring cookies, for some reason I believe this merits some sort of punishment. However, since a penalty can’t be called on a ref, I guess I gotta let him slide.

This past weekend, June 8th, I was supposed to ref down in McAllen, TX for the South Texas Rollersitas. However, I work a ridiculous amount of hours in a short period of time. From time to time I get called in on my days off. Normally this doesn’t bother me. If they wanna give away money at my job who am I to turn it down? Well that plus I’m still in my probationary period (90 days). Which leads me to RollerCon at the moment it looks like I may not make it this year. Not that many, if any, of you care. Butt I’m sure KiKi, Scarbie and Dancer might be a little disapointed in not getting to sit on my shoulder. That’s not a typo, I can fit a skater on each shoulder. Somewhere theres pics to prove it.

But I digress, next weekend, June 15th I’m supposed to be in Cen-Tex announcing. I keep missing out on reffing opportunities out there, through circumstance.

I’m definitely going to have to modify my two a week posts to hopefully at least two a month.

Until next time, hug an official.

my first time alone

Saturday night, March 9th I single handedly announced the season opener for the Cen-Tex Rollergirls. Stash I doff my hat to you good sir. That was my first time on the mic all bow wow self.

Little background, Stash Merkin announced a bout all alone that I was jam reffing in Lafayette last season. I believe that it was against Mississippi Roller Vixens. I told him then and I say it again, good job. I didn’t get kicked off the mic… Prolly cuz there wasn’t anyone else to take over. Although I had a good time rocking it.

2013 Cen-Tex Season Opener Flyer

2013 Cen-Tex Season Opener Flyer

Before the bout I was told that there’d be some comedians that have been on HBO/Bet who’d join me. Which would have been great because any questions they had, I could’ve explained to the audience to fill time and not be doing a play by play all night.

They didn’t show up but I still manage to throw in some derby knowledge and ref signals out there and tossed in a few jokes with the refs.  I’m no Chip Queso or Dump Truck mind you, but with a referee background I know the hand signals and constantly have to fight the urge to tell a skater to watch her the opposing Jam ref. I could go on a tirade on how much information a ref gifts(thats not a typo) skaters by hand signals and their eyes. Especially when you have Quicksilver as your Jammer ref. She has pack awareness and opposing skater awareness.  In any case I got some feedback that I did well,  and I’m more than welcome to get on the mic again.  So that’s reassuring and I look forward to it.

I’m scheduled to co-announce later this  month and then back again at Cen-Tex in Jul for their bout against Alamo City Rollergirls.

One thing that had me a little excited was that the South Texas Rolleristas skaters and staff go by their last names this season. Bucking the “skater name” trend and I learned the real names of a few friends. I might make that leap some day, but I like being able to easily separate my several hundred Facebook derby friends, from just over a hundred friends and family.

One last thing to note, a shout out to Bear and Cubby I have a shirt idea for you guys “‘I Announced the CRAP outta that game!”