it’s Official

sadly the day has come and the news has been delivered to me. Personal Time Off approval forms. My requested time off at the end of this month has been denied. Therefore I will not be attending the festivities that

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Crazy Weeks

Man life has been rediculously crazy lately. Busy actually, crazy is just sort of the norm around here in what we like to do around the track. There’s been so much derby going on, rumors flying, accusations thrown, bouts, practices

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Drama drama drama

I outta start off with the fact that I’ve had a Top Secret clearance. Required for my job in the military. So I know how to keep a secret. Secondly there’s just something about refs that make skaters feel comfortable

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Learning to Skate All Over Again: My First Derby Practice

Originally posted on Derby+Diapers+Daily:
I’ll Make this quick. I’m just feeling so encouraged, proud, and (the good kind of) sweaty and I wanted to share with everyone (or anyone who’ll listen) just how well things went tonight. I…

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Humble Beginings

This is the story of how I became a Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby Official. It might not matter to you, but you might find it a little entertaining.  One night a few years ago I was asked to pick

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Gearing Up to Get Down (skates edition)

Originally posted on Derby+Diapers+Daily:
Just as any new derby player, I had to buy a list of shiny new things in order to get this hobby up and rolling. At a minimum, we each need a pair of…

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Wheel Ignorance

So chatting with a skater, who recently invited me to come out and refnounce, the subject of wheels came up. She has heard of/thought of getting two sets of wheels. However she didn’t understand the why. A lot of skaters

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But I wish it were Sunday

So Sunday night I announced for Rocket City Rollergirls who played at home in Deer Park against the  South Texas Rolleristas. Now they had ten on their roster. Two couldn’t make it and one had a flat on the way

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First of the year

So this past Saturday was my first time this season reffing a bout with the new ruleset. I’ve announced a few games and watched a few under the new ruleset. But I finally found an opportunity to get in on

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just another weekend

so this weekend I’m reffing and announcing. Saturday in Lafayette in Acadiana Rollergirls’ season opener against Cajun Rollergirls. two of my favorite announcers will be on the Mic, DJ TJ and Stash Merkin. They work quite well with each other,

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