Cherry poppin’ in Cali

So I recently moved to Reno, NV;  It’s not Texas but I actually like it out here. When I arrived, one of the first things I did was reach out to derby leagues and let them know my background in roller derby and if they had any spots open I was willing to NSO or (preferably) announce a bout for them. a few got back to me and I was supposed to announce two weeks ago, but stuff on my end fell through.

However, I ended up being asked to NSO a double header for Sierra Regional RD… in Truckee…. California. Hey, derby is derby so I said of course. About a week ago they informed me that their announcer fell through and if I was still available to announce. So I bring out my gear and quickly realize I need to order much longer IEC and XLR cables. Luckily I was able to make it all work.

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Home team bout sierra regional vs San Jose

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So I make it into California for the first time in my life. And it wasn’t as bad as Texans make it out to be. Granted I only went to a little bitty town that reminds me of Fredericksburg with a river running through it.

The first game was Sierra Regional All-Stars which consists of Reno, Tahoe, and Truckee area (and a few point in between I already forgot) vs San Jose’s Misery Loves Company.  This was a fun game to call which MLC kept the lead throughout most of the game by as much as 33 points, but usually by 10. In the final jam, Sierra rallied to close a 14 point deficit only to fall short by one point!

The Second bout was Sierra Regional’s B team, Battleborn something, something  (I’ve had a few concussions since my last post so my memory.. something, something)  vs Carson Victory Rollers. Sierra started with the lead, Carson gained it around the 30 point mark. Then Carson ran away with it and kept the point difference around 40 points. Battleborn did get within 9 points of Carson in the second half but had a few too many jammers get sent to the sin bin.

All in all, it was a great afternoon to call some bouts. Later at the after party, a skater asked me how these bouts compare to calling bouts in Texas. And I really couldn’t give her an answer. The outdoor bouts I have called previously were in pavillions so the acoustics are different. generally, I call bouts indoors and it’s always a different vibe. In short, it’s like comparing apples to iguanas. Neither are bad or better than the other, they’re just different. The one thing that is constant (at least from Gulfport Miss, along I-10 to San Antonio, up to Austin, Temple, Abilene, and DFW) is the afterparty derby love. (usually) everyone gets together has a few drinks and hangs out. (kinda like rugby — but that’s a different blog)


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