I’m finding that skaters keep breaking my heart. Not in the romantic sense. But in that every team I’ve reffed for has a core group of skaters I’ve admired for their heart or dertimination. Maybe they are really cool off track or have amazing skills that with a little honing and if they moved they could make the roster on a regional playoff team. Only to find out they’ve quit derby or decided to play for a team an hour or four away or decided to put on some stripes or a pink shirt.

Why? Because at the heart of their decision, derby drama. When I see a shirt with a slogan like
“Hit like a girl”
“Skate like a girl”

I chuckle because I understand that the reference is to derby and how tough of a sport it is. However comma letting drama off track affect whether or not you play is simply childish and unsportsmanlike to say the least.

do I like you.jpg

I’ve often heard self depreciating joke among skaters and officials “oh you know when you get more than two (alpha) women together we’re gonna have drama”  

So whats the response? “Man up”? Have you seen ‘men’ of this generation? Thats a tirade for a different blog. 

In any case, the point is I’m disappointed in a few of you I see as sisters, aunts or nieces. Might not matter to most of you who read this. Hell you might not give a rat’s ass about how I feel, I am after all just an official. But at least now you know one of the reasons I haven’t posted in quite some time.


One thought on “Heartbroken

  1. I think it’s important to remember that your heroes/idols/anyone you admire is human, and as such they a) have flaws and b) are dealing with stuff outside of derby (in this case, or their music/acting/sport/whatever in the more general sense) that people who admire them don’t necessarily know anything about. Which is not to say that you shouldn’t feel how you do.


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