Gearing Up to Get Down (skates edition)

Ok so I have been a bit busy this week with a new job, training orientation, practice commitments and other stuff that I don’t want to bore you with. I came across this blog just doing a random “roller derby” search on WordPress. Some stuff is the typical “I’m a derby girl lookit me I’m gonna try out” whereas Uzi Q has actually done a good amount of research into what she’s doing.
My only concern with her choices was her boot because as I mentioned in the comments the padding has been known to deteriorate in previous models. But keep in mind boots come in different shapes. Wide/normal/narrow heel and wide/normal/narrow ball (front of foot near toes) combinations. Though THIS information isn’t really advertised because women in general have narrow feet, although skate boots are measured (in general) in men’s sizes. SO remember read this post, do a little more research and when you can try boots on.


Just as any new derby player, I had to buy a list of shiny new things in order to get this hobby up and rolling. At a minimum, we each need a pair of skates (a boot mounted with plates, wheels, bearings, and toe stops) and head to toe (or technically knee) safety gear before we can roll even one foot onto the track. Of course, there are shortcuts and ways to save.

We can buy used equipment from any number of online sources or, in many cases, we can even borrow gear from our future league-mates to use for practice until after tryouts…just in case we don’t make the team. That is a possibility after all. Any which way we choose to go about it, derby rookies will need gear and, at some point after making it onto a league, we will have to make a…

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