Retiree Returns

This week we’re gonna get to know Naughty Dread Knocks or Nawty Dee for short. She had the typical story of every skater who does derby.

I have (never/not in years) skated

Artistic/hockey/figure/jam Skated for years


Heard about derby [from a friend(of a friend)]


I wanted to try it because it was

  1. Cool
  2. Different
  3. Aggression outlet

That covers just about EVERY SKATER EVER. If it doesn’t then I want to interview you next, seriously.

So in 2010 Nawty, along with several other skaters, retired at the end of the season. However she only retired from competitive skating due to focusing on school. She still remained active within Houston Roller Derby by teaching recreational league skaters during the 2011 season. She likes seeing fresh meat improve their skills and enjoys seeing them grow. She has high hopes Freight Train in particular “she’s amazing and so young… she can (potentially) go (very) far”. This came out as we were derby crushing on what an amazing team was initially announced as 2012 HRD’s All-Stars and who’s announced as the 2013 HRD All-Stars. Unfortunately Speed’o didn’t skate in 2012 and recently suffered an injury. I pray for a speedy recovery (no pun intended) and hope to get the opportunity to interview her in the near future.

     In 2012, just last season, still involved in derby with HRD, she was asked to help out with the new home team, the Valkyries as bench coach. In speaking with Nawty you can tell she has a passion for teaching and instructing. It also showed during practice with Yellow Rose Derby Girls. One particularly novice skater was going slow. The trainers would skate by and give her some tips and words of encouragement and get back to leading the practice. Nawty would spend a little more time with this skater and give a few demonstrations on how to push off, stance, watch critique and watch again critique then skate off. Nawty didn’t make a big deal of it or mention it during our interview. As a ref, I don’t see everything but I do see a lot on and off track and that was one of the few things I didn’t miss. To the new skaters credit she fell time and time again but kept getting back up. I almost didn’t notice her because I’m sure my skate bag is bigger than her.

Back to Nawty, she’s back out of retirement, helping out YRDG. Not officially, but she’s back because YRDG is closer to home and who has newer skaters that need help than a new league with new skaters?

I’m no reporter, so hopefully I didn’t misquote or misuse my quotes.

If you have any ideas or requests for future blog posts. Sorry I don’t have access to Suzy Hotrod, but I’m on pretty good terms with several skaters from San Antonio to Slidell (just on the east side of New Orleans) up to Denton (by Dallas) and all over the Houston area. So I might be able to manage an interview with one of them or look into some derby phenomenon.


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