I’m Baaaack

Some of you might know that I have been missing for quite some time. Others might say, not long enough. Then again you might not care, or are even groan “crap! I’m not rid of him.” Well I am now head ref of the newest league in the Southwest side of the Greater Houston area, Yellow Rose Derby Girls. 

Personally, I think a league is a reflection of coaches, refs, NSOs, volunteers and admin staff. Coaches of course grind and grill the fresh meat, train up the skaters, and carve out the hearts of refs who miss calls (in their minds or post bouts). Refs ensure the safely of the skaters and understanding of the rules. NSOs are in charge of quickly and accurately recording stats during a bout and often double duty as volunteers in laying down the track, triple checking roster lineups and skaters present, merch, guest swag packets/bags, and a list of stuff that deserves its own blog post. Admins who have to deal with contracts, skater info, league politics and behind-the-scenes thankless tasks too numerable to mention and mostly don’t wish the headache of even knowing about them. 

It’s truly an honor to be asked to be head ref and be responsible for the safety of the skaters and the professional representation of the league as a whole.


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