3rd Annual ACRG Mashup

so I carpool with Rose the Ribhitter to this mashup and catch up on how we’ve been these past few weeks we haven’t hung out. So I tell her about how at RollerCon I got yelled at by a skater, FifiNailya. Because “you’re friend Rosie the Ribhitter took my name” um yeah, like 6 years ago. Shes from Sweetwater TX and skates for Abilene. Her name is from the WASP mascot named fifinella. Which coincidentally WASP, Women’s Air Service Pilots, were based outta sweetwater Texas. Their mascot was fifinella, a gremlin that was Disney character.
So we finish our meal at La Gloria, get to the Rollercade and join in on the open skate session to get used to the skate floor once more. Skaters from across Texas trickle in and gear up. Skaters From Houston, Austin, Dallas and of Course San Antone
The refs kind of debated as to how to call out penalties. Ya see the bout was Rainbows v Goths, goths of course were in all black, however rainbow skaters wore red or blue or yellow shirts. So should we call, COLOR 22 penalty, RAINBOW 22 penalty or (color of shirt) 22 penalty? Ultimately we agreed on actual color of shirt. The first game was the B teams which was penalty heavy and funny to ref or watch (if you know the rules). Skaters would hear their # & a penalty and skate off track. Not realizing that it was a minor penalty. Pur job as a ref isnt to coach but to ensure the safety of skaters and enforcement of the rules. So when a skater heard their number they’d just go off track to go to the penalty box. Even though we didn’t blow the whistle or call out MAJOR!
Overall it was a fun double header to ref, great refs & NSOs to work with & skaters


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