This Weekend in Derby

Holy crap!
Saturday I’m going to be in Lake Charles Jam Timing. Acadiana Rollergirls v Gulf Coast RG ranked #1 offense & #2 in defense respectively according to Derby South rankings.

Whats derby south? Im glad you asked, its an informal division of southern derby leagues across Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida .. And I feel like I’m forgetting a state. Leagues oft known as ‘renegade’ as well as WFTDA apprentice, the ranking system as well as other stats predictions are quite accurate. Last years Derby South Tournament, Belle Ringer held in Gulfport Miss had a predition writeup and post tourney article in DNN South Central. This year itll be held in Mobile Alabama. I certainly hope to make the cut for ref crew.

Its that time again! Alamo City Rollergirls 3rd Annual Mashup is upon us this sunday Sunday SUNDAY! Last years bout, squares vs greasers was a barn burner
I dont think L.A. DodgeHer has lived it down and it was the best bout I saw in the past 12 months (Montreal v TXRG & Montreal v HRD in Houston were a close 2nd & 3rd)

This year instead of security I’m scheduled to Jam Ref. My calves are already tired from having t chase LA for half a bout.

All in all itll be another derby filled weekend spanning over 600 miles round trips.


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