Cen-Tex takes SARD @ home

Damas y caballeros, bienvenidos! Estancia listos? ROLLER DERBY ESTA AQUÍ!! … Crap my Spanish keyboard is still on from my trip to Mexico..

So Back at the frank may born civic center announcing with Sue from San Antonio. He’s Excellent at play by plays. It was a fun experience to announce again, a lot more comfortable now than i was the first time.

As it always seems to happen Centex has a home field advantage of being used to the slick floor. San Antonio took the most of the first half figuring out the dynamics but by then the damage is done and they were left trying to close the gap in their point defecit.

However on track you could tell both teams were having fun by the prejam jammer antics of won-dirty woman, punky jukester, beyona rampage, zee among others as well as the post jam high fives and hugs between teams.

As awlways there derby


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