RollerCon 2012 redux

Holy crap
So now I’m in line at TSA for my flight to Mexico n just have to touch up on final thoughts on RollerCon. I didn’t take a class or watch a full bout or go to all the parties, I perused a few of the vendors but I still had a blast! How? If I didn’t do all the fun cool stuff? Well for one I was an official both on and off skates and got some kudos from other officials two fans a few skaters, one of them from team USA and they remembered me from another time we met.

AND I volunteered in a few departments got some swag and got to meet n get to know skaters n officials from leagues all over the world, Hi Susy Pow! All this plus peeking my head into some of the parties, chilling at the pool and walking the strip all makes for an ensured trip to Vegas next jul -31 aug 4. Did I mention? If you volunteer you can get a discount on the NEXT years ticket price up to getting a free pass!!!

Well time for a random selection pat down see y’all in week or so


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