So I popped my rollercon cherry and signed up to volunteer for a ton of hours. First day signed up as a Vendor for 6 hours. I thought it meant i would get assigned to a vendor and help them setup and sell stuff. Well i was partly right. Basically any vendor that shows up and wants help gets help unloading from the dock to their booth.

All that after driving 22 hours from Austin. Woulda made it sooner but ran into traffic in El Paso. Had a 2 hour break so instead of a nap I ate the lunch dinner breakfast an lunch I missed. Then did inventory & classroom, had no clue wtf this was but it was just accounting fir what went out to what dept, so they have an idea of what they need for RC13. Finally after midnight i got off volunteering and couldnt fall asleep til about 2. I dont think i moved in my sleep


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