Spindle topples Charmed Forces

Amazing game, the score might not reflect it however, Charmed Forces played their hearts out. Sadly the polished concrete took nearly every ounce of their effort. Spindletop came out on top by a lil over 200 points. The biggest issue, aside from the slick concrete, was the injuries SARD had, MarmaJuke had a knee issue a few mins into the first half and sat out the rest of the bout. Beyona Rampage got her bell rung a few mins later but came back after the half.. I think. Punky Jukester broke her finger just before the half.

As for spindletop Photo Finish doubled over and touched the right side of her hip with her left ear… Think about it. It looked painful and I pray she majes a speedy recovery.

To my knowledge the injuries that the skaters got werent serious, in that no ambulance carted them off. It was fast paced and one of those bouts you realize its over before you realize it.

I must say this ref crew worked like a well oiled machine, though skaters & coaches might not agree. Frog-Her & Cell Warrior have come quite a long way in a short time, all thanks to Fairlane. He’s like a Mr. Miyagi of Zebra teaching. Major Hawkeye is very humble unlike the perception of a cocky ref, a story was related to me after the afterparty that cemented the idea that Hawkeye’s a ref who’ll work your you need him, unlike prima donnas who’ll only work wherethey want. They all worked the inside with Cell Warrior & Hawkeye jam reffin. Krez Sez, PBJ & myself were on the outside. We kept eyes on front & back about 95% of the bout. I cant think of a better group, not that there arent other good refs, just that this group can find a groove and work like an oiled machine by jam 3.

I did have a SNAFU with not calling a poodle timely but otherwise we oficiated a great game.


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