Inception upsets Syndicate and they got drinks after

Now for those of you who weren’t there, there was a women’s mashup. Black vs white, it wasnt a race thing, now I’m not gonna talk much about it, not cuz it wasn’t good but b/c my mind was blown with the merby bout.
For starters the hits were vicious, like hockey checks with less padding. Now the bout was mismatched. I think the SA Syndicate have been together for lil over two months? I might be wrong but first I heard about it was around end of May & I wanna say that they were THINKING of starting a mens league. In any case it goes to show what a lil dedication can do. Granted the score showed a stomping. But the Syndicate managed to squeeze in a few good hits and lead jammer status. SAS had good derby basics/foundation but Dallas Inception showed what advanced derby skills can do.
One thing i noticed, after the fact, A syndicate skater would hit a Inception skater out. Syndicate would kinda beam “I did that”, & immediately get knocked out by an Inception skater. Biggest factor, pack awareness, Inception favor.

The two bouts were split up by halves, womens then mens first half, halftime then womens & mens second half. Having to ref/skate both bouts on the outside, I was sucking wind the last few mins. Merby pack moves fast, plus being underheight & in my 30s doesnt help.

The mashup included some newer skaters that didnt have a full grasp of the rules, getting double dinged on penalties for improperly returning to the track.

All in all it was great end to a weekend of derby and I get to do even more officiating at star of Texas this coming weekend


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