Rocket City Squeaks by Charmed Forces

I was originally set to announce with Texsin or is it Tex Sin? This bout the San Antonio’s Charmed Forces were playing against Rocket City @ home. I was looking forward to doing so.

I’ll keep this one short since I recently moved and it’s my birthday week.

Sadly one of SARD’s refs couldn’t make it so I got tapped to put on my stripes. In part because of Tex Sin’s comedic background I think the banter I between plays wouldve been enjoyable for the crowd. Also because this was a neck & neck bout for most of both periods. Lead score changing every other jam and a few times the lead was held for about 5 jams and back again. One of those few bouts that are well matched and keeps you on the edge of your seat, vs the runaway blowouts that get boring after 50 points are well in the lead.

The game ended with a helluva jam with Rocket City beating out San Antonio 125 to 124. Talk about a heartbreaker

The officiating was fair, and most definitely impartial with 4 non league affiliated refs helping out. Though the captains and alternate may argue a call or twenty, the officials as a whole, myself included need some tightening up. But in the end it was a great game the fans got to enjoy.

Once I’m settled in I’ll be back to my usual lengthy posts


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