So I was late getting to Baton Rogue to ref a double header. Not at all my fault, and thanks to my driver Geri, we made a 4.5 hr drive in 3 hrs and 10 minutes.

First bout was Magnolia Roller Vixens vs Capital City Defenders, Red Sticks B team. Didn’t see much of it as I ended up falling a sleep taking a cat nap while gearing up.-long busy work week. While watching the bout, I got a little razzing from Delirium Trigger for being late. Apparently it was announced that I was reffing when I hadn’t arrived. And Good ole Stash Merkin clamped me on the shoulder with a hearty hello. DJ TJ greeted me during halftime and caught up on upcoming Louisiana bouts.

Next match up was Houston Knockouts vs Diables Rogues. Now this is a rematch from a bout Red Stick won in Houston in January of last year. Notably missing from Red Sticks lineup was Rock Bottom, she along with Jams P Sullivan and Glock Strap, make über effective walls while Rock taunts skaters she forces into recycling.

First few Jams RSRD had a good showing getting lead jam status, but HRD’s Knockouts figured something out an quickly kept getting lead jam after jam. Syrenge, Grrl Friday, Bloody Hell & … I just blanked… (sorry other HRD jammer) had a wicked rotation. Staggering their poodles effectively . BAZINGA! Just remembered, had a 20 point power jam in the second half.
In one of the last few jams Glock swooped in and nailed HRDs Bloody Hell square in the chesticles, knocking 4311 back onto her, butt I can’t tell you right now. Bloody Hell gave Glock a “that was a good one smirk”. No complaints since it was a clean hit, and Glock had a bit of a proud smile. This to me far outshined a Jammer on Jammer Take Out early on in the game. In any case stay tuned next week is Acadiana vs…


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