Rocket past Bayou

So you know the drill. Some time ago I was setup to help out with this bout and now we fast forward right? Well this one was a bit different than the uzh, Sk8-B8 didn’t reach out, since he only deals with refs and as of late a lot of league have an over abundance of refs. An NSO I work with asked me if I was working this bout just last Tuesday. I told him no, since the two leagues are pretty ref heavy now a days. So Geri Let me know that they still need NSOs. SWEET, I like both of these teams and their skaters AND officials. So I threw my name in the hat and I got pegged to do lineup tracker. 

Now if I tried to explain how to do the job, you might get lost, but it’s pretty simple and you HAVE to watch the bout. What a chore right? especially if you love derby! In any case, It’s something I’ve gotten into the groove of doing. and it allows me the freedom to roam a bit. So about 15 mins before the Ref/ NSO head coin, I get a text from my friend “Sunnie with a chance of Pain” to see if I was gonna be at the Bayou Outlaws vs Rocket City bout. which I was, then she asked if I would mind announcing, HELL YEAH! so far I had announced 1 and a quarter bouts. I’ve told y’all about the Rocket City vs Cen-Tex bout I got to pop my cherry on. A few weeks ago, my post didn’t pop up on the Northside Fury vs Bayou Outlaws I got to announce for about 20 mins. One of the announcers had to leave and Sunnie was on her own, which without some banter make announcing a bit dry. So because we worked pretty well together she asked me to help her out since her co-announcer for THIS bout had car trouble and couldn’t make it.

Now I had to find a sucker to fill my spot. Which was made all the more daunting because explaining the job with the sheet that they’re going to work off of makes the job sound like a nightmare. But once I explained to Super Dave what the job entailed with the tracker sheet as a visual it went pretty smoothly.

So for this bout I got to announce the intros for Bayou Outlaws which I flubbed a bit, I got tongue twisted and said Bayou City Outlaws (I was thinking HRD for a sec) but got everything else out pretty clearly. With BORG struggling in the first half to get their wheels to stick to the floor. I think the first half ended with Rocket City 100 to Bayou 38, huge deficit to come back from but not at all outside the realm of possibility in a derby bout. Ax N 4 it and Stretch Her both had some injuries on track that had to have the jam called off. Sox Star and Eval Kinevil both did great as jammers and were like pinballs in the pack getting knocked around from blocker to blocker, and a few times with the floor. But they popped right back up and kept going. One or the other should’ve taken a variation of ‘timex’ as their derby name. Bayou’s Bootylicious was ever the B3 sweeper or front pack wall slowing down Rocket City in quite a few jams while making a hole for her jammer to get out of the pack. Bayou Outlaws Pulled through to to finish the game with 105 to Rocket City’s 191. A huge gain over their first half performance, many thanks to X Factor & Wild Cat for racking up some points for Bayou and Beep Beep, Cherry Chaser & the rest of the Outlaws making way for their jammers.

I gotta mention that I’m proud and surprised the Frisky Bidness & Cute Butt Psycho made it through the bout with as few penalties as they did. They’ve improved their game quit a bit over the past few months and have either gotten sneakier or in my opinion better. 


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