Spindletop season opener

April 14, 2012

First score keeping job of the year. Double header tonight and it’s gonna be a fun night. Great to see old familiar faces among skaters, NSOs and officials. Derby ❤ is strong here, Rubi is loving with her gracious smile and Snickers is a laugh a minute with her dry wit. I’m not used to sitting down during a bout so this is gonna be an interesting night being score keeper. The setup for tonight is different from last year, where the scoreboard, lineup and announcers were at the the straightaway between turn 4 & 1. This year it’s at turn 4, which used to be turn 2. It’s a better vantage point for the NSOs to watch whats going on. 

Tonight’s first bout is between Red Stick Roller Derby and Spindletop Roller Derby. Already I see a fan favorite Glock Strap, Turbo Tyke. Sadly Rock Bottom didn’t make it out here. Moxie Balboa & Jams P Sullivan are Beasts! They jammed pretty much all night, Lil Miss Maggot gave them some relief in jam 16, and TKO spent jams 12-14 in the box, due to a misunderstanding in being released. In the second period Maggot got into the rotation in the 7th jam with Jams P. Sullivan. Tank goodness fouled out in jam 18. Glock Strap is quite an effective B3 sweeper and B1 commanding the red wall.

Spindletop managed to figure out how to break out of the wall of red in the second half and rallied the crowd and doubled their points from the first half at 36 to end it 92-138 Red Stick. Emma Propriate, Foto Finish, AndyConDuh and Choctaw did did most of the jam rotations. Bootylicious & Ravoltin’ Rambo were knocking’ red jammers out left n right as best they could & succeeded more often than not, but red was resilient. All in all it was a great action packed first game and I can’t wait for bout #2 to get started.


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