Home away from home

As usual, a few months ago I signed up to ref for Alamo City pretty much for all of their home bouts and a few aways. This bout in particular I was excited about, because they were playing against Red Stick Roller Derby. I’ve had the chance to see both play at Spindletop. RSRD I’ve only been able to see again at the Derby South Belle Ringer in Gulfport, Mississippi @ Harrison Skate Park where they took 3rd place. Personally I think they could’ve made 2nd. ACRG on the other hand I’ve had more opportunities to ref for the love affair has been going strong for some time. So it was quite exciting for me to see Red Stick on ACRGs schedule.

Sadly one of my favorite Red Stick Skaters no longer skates with them. of course when seems like across town in Houston is quite a ways away in Louisiana, just looking at a map it doesn’t seem easy to get anywhere. So it’s game day and I find myself working with Velocireftor again, last time was in Beaumont late last summer or early fall, and also with Dr. Math (guess his profession). No I must say, I wish all skaters would take their penalties like Glock Strap. Where many skaters make a sound or gesture of exasperation, whether directed to themselves or to the ref, Black 9 has a thin smile, nods acknowledgement and races to the box. I’m gonna guess she works with psychotic rhesus monkeys for a living to be able to stay so calm.  Jams P Skullivan-A113, poor thing was getting battered by green most of the night. But I swear A113 has heart like her teammate Moxie Balboa’s, namesake, Rocky Balboa. By the end of the game I had kinda envisioned Green as Drago and A133 as Rocky in IV, but she kept coming back in. As for my favorite Red Stick player, Rock Bottom, whom I remember from Belle Ringer, is excellent at forcing an opposing skater to come in behind her. I simply love how she taunts them, very aware of pack and out of play penalties. Even though during the bout I’m watching for penalties, where the pack is in relation to skaters who may draw another penalty, skaters who are sent to the box when it’s full, other refs zooming through to keep up with their jammer, NSOs whom not to try and run over, and other miscellaneous hundred and one things to watch for. I can still catch an amazing play or recognize talent. 

With all the talent Red stick has, they were able to minimize ACRGs scoring in the second half. Realizing the threat that L A DodgeHer is who seems to only need about width of her skates to get through the pack. Speedyrella true to her name solid walls kept ACRG scoring. Again Red Stick proved adaptable and kept ACRG from scoring the same amount of points in the second half, while managing to more than double their first half score. 

I look forward to working with both of these teams in the future, provided they’ll have me, for as many seasons as my skates and back will take me.


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