So about 3 weeks ago I saw that SARD was going to have a Valentine’s theme bout, and at first I was a bit sad. Because I at first thought it would take place before VD and thus would likely be the same day as my bout in Spring. However I did more than glance, I double checked the dates and low an behold it was the following weekend. Fast forward a few weeks and I had already made plans to come out to San Antonio earlier in the week prior to the San Antonio RD bout. These past 4 days has me loving SATX more and more. Maybe I’ll move out here in a year to 2, maybe sooner maybe not, time will tell. 

I really enjoy coming out to SARD cuz even though this is my second time out, most of the skaters know my name and greet me with a kind smile. Just nice to feel welcomed, some places I’ve felt as though I had rolled through a manure pile with the lengths they went to avoid me. Not that I’m here to make friends or be partial to a skater(s) but it is a good feeling to be seen as impartial no matter the situation. I know J Damm from having skated a few times with my home league Northside Fury RD before she moved out to SATX. Beyona Rampage and Frankie Fall Risk I know from a bout last July in Robstown, a few others I know in passing or from other skaters, its funny to hear skaters gush over other skaters but its not something they do over any skater. if they gush over a skater its because she has talent, heart or both. 

Major Hawkeye is a great guy and ref for all his military experience its humorous to see him squeamish over blood. Quicksilver I love because she has a calm about her that even when she gets after you, yes she even gets after refs, you can’t help but OBEY. Speaking of OBEY, Tater had a ref shirt that said the same, very amusing and Tater is like a big kid. Big smile and ready to make atone chuckle, but when it comes to reffing he’s all business. I picture him and Fairlane as Yin and Yang, while they both are fair and run an efficient bout, they both do it differently. Tater is kinda like Rocky’s trainer Mickey, and Fairlane is like Daneil-san’s Mr. Miyagi.

I worked the outside for this bout. There were quite a few calls that were missed or rather not called, both teams had complained about elbows flying and not being called. However, we can only call what we see. And we have to see the cause the action and the effect AND how it impacts the skater, the pack, the jam and finally the bout. All in about half a second. i saw a few elbows go up, but by the time they got around the turn the pack blocked my view and didn’t see if it connected. Where the inside pack might see a skater bounce back from a hit, inside didn’t see the hit and can’t make a call. 

WE as ref will always do our best however, we are human, we’re gonna miss things or just not snap to a call in the 0.2 seconds it takes to process 40 pages of rules at least 3 pages that are directly applicable and another 1-2 if the opposing skater counter blocked assuming everything happened inbounds. I have yet to hear about a skater turned ref who says ‘oh y’all have an easy job I shoulda done this sooner’ usually its a variation on ‘WOW I had no idea how much you have to pay attention to’. Now as far as the game Brazos Valley Derby Girls based outta College Station played their little hearts out. I had heard that they didn’t have a home rink, but at the bout I found out that their practice facility is a VFW hall and their ‘track’ is at about 2/3 scale (guessing from the dimensions their ref described their track to be) they did their best but if I recall SARD won by 80, maybe 100? It was a lot, though it was a bit sloppy I think they all had fun. 

I couldn’t stay at the after party long as I had to catch a bus back to Houston the next day and I wanted to knock this post out before I got home. Thank you Starbucks for free WiFi. All in all it was a good bout that I enjoyed and hope to come out and ref more often. Can’t wait for another excuse to come to SATX.. well my wallet can, but I can’t


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