Pistos, Pistos!

So a few weeks of planning finally came to fruition. Came to San Antonio wednesday during the day, went to a few practices with Alamo City RG. I’ve been to a few of their bouts before and always appreciate their hospitality. This morning, Sunday February 19th they played against the South Texas Rolleristas at their home rink the Rollercade. We had 10 refs show up, Krez Sez, PBJ, Quicksilver, Chase Keester, Just Joe, El Matador, Karate Chappa, Ooo Cucuy, and myself El Gallo.

Cucuy lead the ref and NSO meeting, and during Quicksilver was invaluable as a shadow/mentor for the refs on the inside making calls. Unfortunately we couldn’t anyone shadow much on the outside. This game was a scrimmage against South Texas Rolleristas. It was a fine team lead by Fidel “Fido”. I, as well as the other refs were appreciative for their skaters accepting their penalties. As far as i could tell, they were upset more at themselves for committing a penalty than at the ref for calling them on it. 

Most of us refs worked rotations between, Jam, Pack, Outside and off. Though I wouldn’t say I’m good at a particular ref position I am fond of Jam and Outside. So I have to work more at Pack ref. I didn’t pay too much attention to the scoreboard as this was one of the few bouts that I truly enjoyed being a part of. At nearly every bout, a few ACRG bouts included, I’ll look at the scoreboard and bemoan how much time is left. Mostly because my feet are killing me or I’m out of breathe. Yes skaters skate harder when they have to do back to back to backs. But refs have to have endurance to go a whole bout of back to backs. I think thats why I like Jam reffing, occasionally my Jammer gets sent to the box and I’ll get up to a minute break, more if she manages to get an insubordination call. 

Ok, so from what I saw on the scoreboard, STR took an early lead and after the half ACRG Pistoleras closed the gap but came up short in the last jam. As always Germanator was gracious and made sure his skaters did their best while being sportswoman like. Fidel though his skaters would go through fits of being sent to the box one after another was as calm as a hindu cow. At least that was their exterior, if they were cussing us up a storm in their heads, well that’s all fine and legal as per WFTDA rules. 

As Chop Stewie mentioned in the post bout ref meeting, “this was a reffing bout”. PBJ and Karate Chappa not both are more confident in themselves and want to work on the inside more often now. I know PBJ has the skating ability to be front pack and Chappa I think found her ‘voice’ in making calls. It’s always great to see skaters improve and make the game better for themselves, their teammates, and the crowd, But I must say I warms my cockles of my heart when refs make huge strides in their confidence and ability.

Also meeting up with skaters after the scrimmage to enjoy a good breakfast with both Pistoleras and Rolleristas and of course talk derby and rules with refs and skaters is always fun.


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