So I a few weeks ago I asked All About Tater if I could come help ref a bout for San Antonio RD this coming sunday night. As a ref slut, will travel for derby n drinks. Then about 2 weeks ago I got an email from Germanator and he asked if I was available to help ref a scrimmage the same sunday, my heart sank because I love ACRG. Well I love San Antonio in general, and I really like San Antonio RG but I haven’t reefed or hung out as much with SARD as I have ACRG, but I know I’ll love them just as well. So anyways I kept reading, thankfully I was on my MBP and was able to look at iCal and email at the same time. YES! ACRG is scrimmaging in the MORNING! plenty of time to ref both bouts with a good break in-between to eat lunch and relax a bit. So I quickly replied to Germanator “Of COURSE” Well maybe I said Hellz yeah, but the point is I agreed.

About 30 mins after I replied I got an email from Cucuy basically rehashing the same question was I available. Now full disclosure I’m not some awesome ref that everyone wants a piece of. I’m just a ref that many leagues in a 4 hr driving distance from Houston, know that I’m willing to travel. Other refs were asked, and confirmed. Krez from whom I got the bad habit of traveling everywhere to ref had also confirm as well as PBJ. Generally I ride with them and when possible give him some gas money or buy him a meal at What-A-Burger. ALERT Krez will not ref your bout if there isn’t a What-A-Burger along the way. Plus there’s an event in Houston we all three had agreed to go to on FaceBook. But I got a crazy Idea. I grabbed my phone and texted Cucuy, “hey what days do y’all practice?” Long story short the logistics were that I’d come a few days early to check out a ACRG practice, ref a scrimmage then ref a bout, crash another night then head back home. 

SOooooo last night, Weds Feb 15 (day after Singles Awareness Day) I got to San Antonio, hung out with Skully for a few hours then with Germanator and went to practice. I joined in on the skater drills and fully expected to hang in there the whole time. I don’t know how I deluded myself into thinking this, I haven’t really skated since about October. plus the floor is just different from what I’m used to. Not that if i was used to it I’d’ve done any better. From my POV the practice was a good mix of fun, disciplined and educational for the skaters. I think this was B team with some A team to help with training and demonstrating. The best quote of the practice had to be the exclamation “OW! right on my asshole!” though I think the funniest thing was when Germanator essentially asked me to make him deaf for a few mins in his right ear. All in all I’m looking forward to practicing with ACRG again tonight, hopefully I can keep up.


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