Popped cherry

So the past few days have been double check this or that and the other to make sure I cover all that I need to prior to, during and after the bout. This being my first bout as Head Ref, I did as much homework as I could. Thank you zebrahuddle, dfw ref board, Fairlane and Krez for the experience to watch you guys this past year to have role models to emulate.

Still I fell short, by a mile. Prebout setup went off smoothly, many thanks to Cinnabomb. Other than a few snafus directly related to me everyone was ready to go by 7:05. For the bout we had 5 visiting refs, all professional and when it was necessary trusted on another on calls we might have missed. And boy did we miss plenty. In hindsight I should have had the master volume turned down. As calls, most importantly pack, no pack, pack is here were not heard even though I was projecting as loudly as my theater arts teacher taught me, from my diaphragm, and I was still barely audible to skaters 5’ in front of me.

My next biggest concern was the pacing of the bout. I think we only extended the bout by a total of 8 minutes, with official timeouts. A far cry from a nearly three hour bout, not including halftime, I was once a part of. We, NSOs, skaters and refs kept the bout going smoothly. And I must say I’m proud of that fact. Mostly because the complaints were for not seeing/making calls (as always) or where skaters who were penalized and sent to the box, still skating 2-3 laps before actually going to the box. In part from unable to hear what or whom was called out. Ideally everyone would go home happy with all calls made. But as far as I know from any ref from any sport that JUST doesn’t happen.

All in all we called what we saw, as loud as we could and kept the bout going as smoothly as we possibly could. I could go on, but long story short, I did the best of my ability as did the refs I worked with, there’s plenty of room for improvement. that’ll come with more experience


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