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So Sunday Jan 22 in case you didn’t know was Rocket City Roller Girls’ first bout of the season. it was a mashup with their own skaters as well as some from Northside Fury Roller Derby. Krez Sez debuted as Bout Head ref, and i must say I didn’t notice a hitch. Note to self I kept meaning to congratulate him and I forgot, I’ll remedy that shortly. Sk8-B8 debuted as a ref on OPR and I think referential treatment debuted as a ref in Texas. Chongo Blanco (allegedly ‘Chango’ but til he spells it right I’m calling him white ponytail) Jammed reffed with me and I must say a big improvement from the last time I worked with him. His voice is clearer on making calls and he’s more sure of himself. Not cocky, I mean less nervous. Private Been Jammin has a really good eye and with her skater experience has parlayed it quite well into being a ref. occasionally second guessing herself and checking if a call she made was also seen by another ref, I think more as a self evaluating tool than a question of her ability. Locate-Her also has moved up a few rungs in calls and and eye for penalties. A bit of a showboat on skates and well I’m just hating (NOT just saying just hating)

So we’re at Skateworld of Deer Park that I’m quite sure is in Pasadena or maybe just BARELY inside of Deer Park. In any case we had our fans lined up around the parking lot just to get in… ok ok the skaters fans. From time to time RCRG and NRFD get together and scrimmage and quite often there are times I just get a headache from all the sloppiness. now for the non skater sloppy is unnecessary penalties from just not being focused. elbows, forearms, back blocks, low blocks, out of bounds blocks, in a quick succession that sometimes is just a chain reaction. 

Now the Blue teams (Lunars) took an early lead from the Yellow team (Solars) and held it through halftime. i have seen serval of these skaters over the last 6 months or more. Some of which I was there at a practice their first night. Bashing Brownie #83 of NFRD, the poster child of ‘anyone can do this’ she’s not a superstar, yet. but this little nugget has the heart and drive like few other skaters. just a year ago she was a ‘wall-hugger’ meaning she’d be on skates hugging the wall and pushing off it to get momentum. she would go to open skate sessions to get down her turn around toestops (tomahawk stops in some places). SoxStar #8 of RCRG whom i recall her first night (as well as Sk8-B8’s) and she’s just the sweetest little thing on and off track. in practice I’ve seen her get clocked into a wall and she’ll hop up with a smile and race back to gain what ever track she lost. in a short time she’s picked up an astounding amount of ability. Red Waves of Pain #524 if I recalled started around late may or early June. She is a Beast on the track simply ferocious and if I had a heart I might feel sorry for her victims. But I live for the acute pain of others why else would I ref? Aside from being able to yell at girls. I could go on but I really don’t have the time to highlight all the skaters for their varied abilities that in the end make their team whole. Also I won’t call her out, so as to not be accused of preferential treatment, but she is quite capable and researches and studies teams for strengths and weaknesses like no other. If ESPN ever gets their act together she could be a commentator and wouldn’t need a stat sheet on any nationally ranked team or player. 

Above all a thing to realize is that this is all volunteers. Refs, skaters and NSOs to this for the love of the game. Sure someone’ll buy another person a shirt a beer or a sticker, but everyone comes together for this sport on every level that it is played because it is simply an amazing thing to be a part of. 


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