last but not least

I just had a nice nap after and amazing weekend that included an Early Christmas, good eats, some time with derby family and a mashup bout this past sunday with San Antonio Roller Derby at Car-Vel SkateLand! Now lets talk some more about that!

So we had a mashup bout to ref with Major Hawkeye, with whom I’ve worked with earlier this past summer. Quicksilver and Confusion (NSO)  whom I’ve either NSOed or spectated. Both of them we our Jammer refs. Naughty Librarian new ref coming over from being a skater, LocateHer a cohort from my league and myself were outside pack refs and All about Tater as well as Oliver Hurting as pack refs. 

Skaters of note, that I know previously or have been around for some time. Beyona Rampage that girl is a phenomenal jammer, swoops jukes and gets ahead of the pack cleaner than most. Tonya Hurting, old skool ok NEW old skool knows a thing or two about derby. Goldie Schlager her debut after a few years off from derby to start a family did a great job jammer and blocking only being back on skate a few weeks.. or months, don’t recall what I was told right this second. If you really wanna know ask and I’ll find out. Won-dirrty woman (wonder woman—took me a while to get it, even seeing her wonder woman tiara painted on her helmet) solid pivot blocker and jammer and tall. Punky Jukester which for starters is one of the more novel names for punky brewster that I’ve seen (usually a variation in spelling of buise-her) and secondly the name is fitting. Don’t recall seeing HER jam alot but I did heard the announcers hard on for her. By the way one of the announcers, Frankie Fall Risk, I saw earlier this summer at a mashup in Robstown, TX kick the outside of her left knee with her left heel. Think about that for a second… still don’t get it? look at your left heel, now imagine something breaking… NOW picture kicking your left knee with that same heel.

clean bout for te most part, and good calls from our end. the only complaint at halftime was we werent calling/seeing some hands/back blocking. from the description, skaters would back block and then punch a few times or push off. Skaters eventually got sloppy in the last few jams. Red team closed a 35 point deficit from the half to bring the bout to a tie game in the last last jam. In WHICH Tie score, 27 seconds left in game. Before the jam starts, green blockers line up on jammer line in front of red jammer. Red blockers line up on pivot line, on their knees.

Jam whistle blows, no pack called, two tweets release the jammer. Although there is no pack, green blockers use positional blocking and counter blocking on red jammer. Red jammer aggressively attempts to get past green blockers including by back blocking. Green jammer easily gets around red blockers.

Two green blockers get majors. But they appeared to refuse to acknowledge the majors until after the green jammer was through and the lead jammer. 

Green jammer raced around the track and passed a few blockers before calling off the jam and “winning” the game. if handled better the bout might’ve turned out differently, however we can only call what we see. in the end it was still a great bout to be a part of and can’t wait for next season to get started!


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