Last is First

So I just got back from officiating my first Houston Roller Derby Bout, mashup actually… technically I’m lying, I showered changed made some generic spaghetti-o’s and NOW just settling into bed with my MacBook and typing away. 

Throughout the season I’ve either watched a HRD bout, NSOed, or reffed another leagues bout out of town. Tonight the last bout of the season, which was in lieu of a practice, was my first chance to Ref a Houston Roller Derby bout. Ajax and Corbin are quite the ying and yang, Ajax is relaxed and flows like water, while Corbin is quite direct and loud. Nothing wrong with either style, they compliment each other quite well. especially when giving direction as to how they want a bout to go. For those who haven’t been on track or on the INSIDE of a track, refs can get a feel as to how a bout is going to go, whether its going to be sloppy, oustide refs have to watch for downed skaters, or if its going to be fast moving pack how best to let jam refs know if their jammer catches a penalty. ANYWAYS more experience you get the better of a feel you get as to how a bout or if anything the second half is going to go. 

So tonight was 2 bouts, first was two 20 minute halves with 5 mins between halves and about 8 mins between the second game. which ran two 30 minute halves. it went by fairly quick. the calls I made were often echoes of what the inside pack refs were seeing and about to call or had JUST barely called. 

I’ll keep it short and sweet tonight since I have to get up early tomorrow for work, oh and the BIGGEST news of all we had “J Ref K” head ref from the Kokeshi Roller Girls (Okinawa Japan) skate with us tonight, or HRD rather. Met him last week at our (Northside Fury Roller Derby) practice. He’s a Major in the USAF and he has a good head on his shoulders, He’ll be a great ref very soon.


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