For the past few weeks I’ve been e-mailing with the head rest for the Kokeshi Roller Girls from Okinawa Japan. He made it out to Fury practice Monday night and like a good airman jumped right in to the off skate warmup, which reminds me I should get back to a daily PT routine.

So after a good warm up and a few introductions we all get on skates and discuss some things we see our skaters do such as elbows, hands and forearms. Whereas his skaters pull a lot of illegal procedure then catch a IP Major for failing to yield.

Oh by the way his name is J Ref K and he’s American, as are the skaters, mostly military wives. So there wasn’t a language barrier. I have to admit when I got the email at first I looked online for info on KRG to see what we may be getting into. Also to know whether or not I should commend the guy for his good engrish.

Practice was full of new drills that challenged our skaters in a way they hadn’t in some time. J Ref K’s military bearing shines through in his action and manner of speaking, even if he is a chair force Major 😉

Hope to have him out once more and his wife to join in before they have to head back.


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