All in a Day’s Work

Went to a practice with Rocket City Roller Girls. Rebel Ann, Goldie and Ajax from HRD where there is well. There was some frustrations the guest trainers were having, but they got the skaters in sync and seemed to be having a good time.

Ajax in turn was having a mini rule session. I was mostly just standing back and chiming in when I felt “Mean Green Machine” or “chongo blanco”[sic] need to some more explanation on a rule. Ajax actually cleared up some misconceptions I have picked up along the way.

Then the refs joined in, making penalty calls on the skaters. On a very good drill that Goldie and Rebel Ann had the girls doing. Sox got her lip busted by PTRBLT, accidentally on purpose? At any rate that was mine and Tee’s cue to leave as we still had Northside Fury Practice to go to.

40 mins later we stroll in gear up and jump into practice. I follow-up with Krez on some info Ajax shared, sorry y’all privileged ref shop talk, CENSORED CLASSIFIED EYES ONLY ZEBRA HUDDLE, so then he says CONFIDENTIAL

Krez Sez what he learned in the Lake Charles (Cen-La @ Flat Out) bout two Sundays earlier: that would’ve been a good bout to sharpen his teeth as a bout head ref. Also a front pack ref should be able to skate backwards to keep track of the pack. I just reiterated to keep track of your Not On The Track points (thank you Ajax) or commonly known Ghost Points. Also when you make a call, be ready to defend it with your head ref for when a coach wants an official review.

We talked about our thanksgiving and how *Locate-Her looks like he’s 12 now that he’s clean shaven. Then we followed the skaters around looking for penalties to call as they did pack work. For a good chuck of the night they did some jammer drills that we got some Inside and Outside Pack Refing. In the end I got a good workout, learned a few things and got to share some Derby


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